The COVID-19 situation doesn’t seem to end, As WHO (World Health Organization) advised already, "we need to learn to live with corona.” Major cities in the USA and India are going under lockdowns again to control the spread of corona. So, the most common difficulty that people are facing nowadays is grocery Shopping. Some shops are open for a few hours only, which doesn't allow the users to purchase their daily needs. Also, some people are doubtful about going out and buying the necessary items they need every day. 


Grocery App Development company


The Current Situation in the USA

Grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Walmart, Amazon are hiring candidates on a large scale to meet the online delivery requirements. "World's most valuable brand Amazon" hired 175,000 candidates in April, during the COVID-19 crisis. 

An American leading grocery delivery app Instacart, declared that their weekly sales are 20 times higher than the usual during the pandemic days. This seems the customer wants to practice social distancing, trying to avoid contact with people, and buy groceries in a contactless manner. 

Grocery stores across the USA are now highly interested in developing grocery delivery applications for their stores to meet buyer needs in a better way by keeping in mind their health and well-being. 


The Current Situation in India

Online Grocery Delivery services are allowing all the B2B companies in India to cope with these hard times. Even though they are delivering the daily essentials, the issue that continues is the delivery time. To deal with this, many leading companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, Paytm came up with the idea of delivering groceries door to door. This was a massive relief for companies like Big Basket and Grofers, who faced difficulty in managing their delivery fleet due to the high demands. 

Now, these organizations got the chance to resolve these issues by hiring more employees and improving their supply chains. This may look like an alert for all the new players that entered the market. But, it's not like that. The latest grocery delivery platforms are also getting traction across the country because of the individual features that they provide. 


Challenges during COVID-19

Grocery is one of the essential needs that we cannot ignore. Buyers are facing problems daily to cope with their needs during this pandemic situation. Even though there is a high growth in the number of companies that are coming up with the support, there are various difficulties they face in the grocery delivery business. 

A few of them are: 

  • Shortage of Supply Chain Management

  • Change in Business Model from Traditional to Profit

  • Insufficient Employees

  • Late Deliveries

  • Advancements in Customer Needs & Customer Behavior- Panic Buying


The Future of Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery Delivery Applications are going to earn huge profits soon. Although there are some difficulties, eventually, they can be solved as per customer demands. It is evident that the COVID-19 situation has advanced the whole process, but at the end of this disaster, the grocery delivery industry will still reach 0.5% of the total retail market.

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