As everyone knows the software industry generates the highest revenues in India. Nowadays, the software environment puts major importance on the process of development. Since the focus has shifted to ‘Production’, high-quality production is the key. So the company needs to complete the entire delivery cycle from software analysis to product deployment in lesser time with better results.

“So let's see how can we do that”



DevOps and Test Automation:

To attain such results the production process needs to be expanded with much faster turnaround time and for this, the major importance should be on automating the complete testing process and arranging them in a way so that they can function on their own when the classification is at a completed stage in the QA environment. A DevOps approach strengthens every team to turn the attention on faster and continuous development and delivery of demanding cloud-based applications all-over diversified platforms. When a DevOps approach is successfully carried out in an organization, it helps that object's culture to be completely revised in a way, which in turns helps in consecutive and seamless participation through the teams.


How DevOps and Quality Assurance (QA) are combined together?

The software development world has been changing each and every day. lot's of new technologies introduced day by day. But software development is incomplete without QA and software testing. They are still playing a major role. One of the fundamental features of DevOps Consulting Services is to ensure continuous development (without any interruption), and the key components for that are consecutive testing, integration, and deployment. This steady cycle of testing cannot be implemented with the old process of testing, which embarrasses the processing speed and reduces productivity. So, Test Automation has developed into a significant element in the process of DevOps.


How Test Automation strategy fits in a DevOps framework?

A well-strategized plan and capability are the pre-requisites of a DevOps cycle. A team of testers should dedicatedly put all their hard work and focus on obtaining the test automation goals. The whole process if not performed in the right way, it will destroy the DevOps cycle and weaken the planned strategic results expected from it. This describes us to the conclusion that only a doubtful understanding of the applications doesn’t work out, there should be a proper conversion of the overall user environment of the applications by the testers and the key to the successful implementation of Test Automation strategy in the DevOps cycle is proper teamwork.


What’s next?

DevOps is the way advanced. the continuous progress that the testing team needs to cover everything. They have to be pro with the elements, DevOps brings with itself and should have a proper grasp on the functionalities of it. All the testers should be well educated about all the integration and automation tools so that the efforts that they put in bring fruitful results to the production cycle.

More and more automation is the key to a rolling and increasing DevOps Cycle. But as a QA and software tester should have proper knowledge of how automation is working, how to improve the product quality. 

With extensive years of expertise in software testing and DevOps, we deliver the software products with great quality. Feel free to reach us if you need any technical assistance


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