You can't even imagine any industry that runs without the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the year 2020. From education, eCommerce, Agriculture to Employment. The smart approach implements any business with, undoubtedly enables these businesses to be more successful at catering well to their customers. And more than just being another of the leading tech-trends of modern years, m-commerce (Nothing but E-commerce mobile application) has proved to be a growingly familiar modern way of shopping.

Artificial Intelligence has improved m-Commerce with new trends in 2020 to make shopping a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for the modern-day customers. This article helps you to understand those trends.

Artificial Intelligence improves, the e-commerce and mobile commerce platforms to leverage the comprehensive data related to the consumer behavior now available to them with ease and this allows them to understand what terms, one user is different from the other based on which they can present personalized user experiences to them.


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E-Commerce trends that have been strongly impacted by Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Personalized User Experience: 

By personalization algorithms, e-commerce retailers have enhanced their sales conversion rates by up to 30%. Based on the customer's interests and preferences as highlighted by them, these algorithms help in recommending suitable products and offerings to these customers separately, which helps the retails provides customers with extremely personalized versions of the main page according to each specific customer.

More Friendly Customer Experience: 

By making use of ChatBots, e-commerce retailers are leveraging the latest trend of conversational commerce to make the customer experience all the more pleasing and comfortable to engage users on a deeper level. Using the Chatbots to automate the customer service has not only made it hassle-free for the business to present the users with consistent support to resolve their issues but it has also made it possible for them to learn about their users better by not losing out on the opportunities to interact with them in real-time while making a note of their preferences and wish-lists.


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Voice-search and Navigations: 

Nowadays the way mobile users are searching for their desired products has changed a lot. People started using "voice search" for finding their desired product, so without any option, the businesses are also started adopting more advanced and modern tools for adding more context to the shopping-related searches of their customers.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) for Video Content: 

One of the major reasons behind youtube's success is personalized content. yes, the same concepts have been applied for E-commerce and M-commerce as well. Artificial Intelligence can able to record the customer-related trends and interpreting these trends for enabling the video-marketing. And as we all know that video content is the most popular form of content in today’s times, the retailers are exploring the ways to implement artificial intelligence in video marketing to make the video customer experiences more pleasant.


Artificial Intelligence tutorial


Virtual Shoppers: 

To simplify mobile shopping for shoppers, virtual shopping assistance is being experimented by retailers often. It improves the customers by presenting them with the best and the most relevant deals according to their preferences. This has also been predicted to be a prominent trend in the days to come.

Do you know the E-commerce market size? around $36.8 Billion by 2022-2025 

As I mentioned above, none of the industry will run without the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the year 2025.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be prominently implemented in every industry domain, easily proving to be the ‘next big thing’. And the e-commerce suppliers are going to explore and research to make the most of these trends in the days to come for presenting their customers with more significant shopping experiences, We have to thank artificial intelligence for changing our online shopping experience more pleasant and enjoyable!

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