If you’re wondering getting into mobile commerce (m-commerce), you have to first decide whether you’re about to build your online store mobile ready or invest in a native shopping application.

Begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

To guarantee that you're not wasting your time or cash, it's crucial to initially start researching the market to know if any holes that can be filled by your shopping application. You can do this only from the research and complete case study about your competitor's services & offering and your targeted group of people.


Ideate and Strategize

When you comprehend what you need, you can begin ideating and strategizing the functionality, adaptation methodology, and promoting. At this point, you can begin taking a shot at the (UI) plan and the wireframes.

The look and feel of the application will play a major role in keeping your users engaged. So you have to design the application with full of attractive designs and colors. they more attractive website grab the more customer's attention. So you have to focus more and User Interface.


Build up a Budget

Next, you need to figure out the timeline and budget to manufacture the MVP. I Hope you have an in-house IT team for your business. If they know about the application development that's well and good. on the other hand, if they don't know about the software or mobile application development then you have to consult some IT professionals.

If you have enough budget to hire a team then you can easily hire them to work along with your IT team.

Shopping applications can be founded on Android, iOS, Hybrid. As I told you already you have to focus more on research and analysis. You have to choose which type of application will suit your business.


How to Build a Shopping App for Your Business

Fundamental Features for Shopping Application:

Make Authorization Optional

Don't get confused, User registration is the most important thing for your business but at the same time, you should not force your customer's to register or sign-up immediately. I repeat never force your customer to do anything on your application.

Let's be honest, nobody likes to be compelled to do anything so you have to request your user to register on your application

One more tip to make the registration process easy is to have a social login like facebook, Google and LinkedIn login which speed up the entire process. most of the application and website's have social log in's except few.


Keep Search box with sort option and filters

Shopping applications have thousands of product. So it's essential to have a search box with all the required filters and sort by an option to find the product quickly with any struggle. Keep your application simple that will help you to get more customers for your business.


Add It to a Wishlist

If the item isn't available at the moment, let the customers add it to their wishlist easily. Because this will helps us to know about the customer needs and we can send a pop-up notification to get them back to our application whenever the added product is available.


Augmented Reality (AR)

As we are going to enter the year of 2020, it will be phenomenal if your shopping application is AR integrated. You should have an option to preview the products in 3D and AR. It will give a pleasant experience for the customers.

I won't force you to keep this option at the starting stages of the application. You can update this feature later during the second or third development phase.

Improved Shopping Experience Through AR with Platform


Keep the Checkout Process Simple

Did you cancel any order because of the complicated check out process?

I hope each of us has experienced these various times. So just keep this point in your mind while developing an application. Try to keep the checkout process as simple as possible. Don't confuse your customers with multiple checkout pages. Don't make your customers navigate on multiple screens or have them to click on several buttons to purchase something from your application.  

Your user should have various payment methods and wallets (like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Paytm & Tez) to choose from, and these ought to be processed rapidly. You should always use a reliable payment gateway from a trusted financial institution.

The amount of transaction process should be secure and confidential. The user should experience hassle-free financial transactions. So better you can go with an established third-party provider.

For your information, each payment gateways has its own policies, rates, technical capabilities. so if you are not sure about the payment gateways, consult an expert.


Integrate Chatbots for Customer Support

For User support, you would now be able to upgrade customer experience by adding chatbots to your application. AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning) has made some amazing progress so you can wager that chatbots are showing signs of improvement consistently.

Chatbots can provide the best initial level of customer support with various languages which helps the business save money and time. on the other hand, chatbots help to reduce the pressure off of human customer support.

If you want to add the chatbots for your application, reach any software development companies to integrate the chatbots for your application.

Well, The above points will take some time to build but once you developed it will gain lots of customers for your business. so try to provide the best services to your customers.


Are you Looking for a reliable mobile application development team to build your mobile shopping application? Feel free to reach us to schedule a free consultation with our mobile app experts.

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