Implemented a LMS Marketplace which receives data from Live recording or Recorded course and does processing using Node JS and then it will update the front page result in a very fast manner using ReactJS.

Solution Implemented

  • Integrated to WebEx for Video Tutorials.
  • Process data using a machine learning approach.
  • Student, Instructor, Admin Workflow, Zoom Live class, Student course certificate.
  • Strong data privacy, Course Sales report, Instructor revenue report
  • Advanced course Manager, Intuitive course player (Video, Audio), Quizzes, section and lessons


Since application consumes reusable components, the development time reduced. Using the Fast rendering with virtual DOM options the page load time is very less. It attracts the end-user more.

  • Domain


  • Methodology

    Agile with 2 weeks

  • Duration

    8 weeks

  • Resources


  • Project Status


    Enhancement work
    going on

  • Technology Used


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