Our customer is a large IT services company. Objective is to resolve the operational difficulties of project management users group in tracking and reporting operational metrics which are crucial in ensuring revenue. Users are looking for interactive intuitive dashboards with a fully automated data platform. While the scalability and availability need to be ensured, security and governance of the data platform is crucial as well for the solution.

Solution Implemented

  • A data mart sourced from ERP, finance and HR
  • Automated ETL processes with business rules to prevent manual efforts
  • Power BI for visualization
  • Azure data factory for ETL orchestrations
  • Intuitive UI to support data tools, monitoring, process automation, admin and governance
  • Build automation using azure pipeline
  • Push notifications and email alerts


A scalable data platform is built on azure successfully. Business had benefited by timely availability of data without the hurdles manual data prep and data cleansing efforts. User experience and automated approval flow had reduced the time in training and follow ups. With improved data quality, management and leadership were able to make timely actions and decisions.

  • Domain

    IT Services

  • Methodology

    Agile with sprint every 2 weeks

  • Duration

    6 Year

  • Resources


  • Project Status


  • Technology Used


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