Who can benefit from TechmangoCRM?

TechmangoCRM can be readily customized to meet the specific needs of different business types and sizes. And so, it can be effectively used by startups, big enterprises, and different industry verticals such as healthcare, media, real estate, insurance, banking, restaurants, etc to enhance their marketing, sales, and customer support efforts.

Are you one of those business owners failing to compete against the big players in the industry due to the heavyweight and scalability issues of your implemented CRM systems? Then, TechmangoCRM will definitely serve as an apt modern CRM product for your business. It will help in getting rid of the high implementation costs, time, and expensive manpower requirements for a streamlined workflow.
Does your business suffer from stagnant customer experience, inefficiency, poor team collaboration, fewer data insights, department clash, etc? Then irrespective of your business size, you can use sturdy CRM software for your business growth. TechmangoCRM with its futuristic features such as lead management, marketing automation, etc will help in gaining deeper customer data with efficient business processes, accelerating the sales conversion process, lowering time and cost in customer management operations, ensuring top-of-the-line data security and compliance, and so on.
Are you really exhausted with the heavy monthly subscription fees for using SaaS products to regulate your customer management operations? No worries. Our TechmangoCRM will offer everything you need to enhance leads, increase sales, measure the performance of your sales, and so on. Get your own proprietary CRM framework now within your budget and drive the success of your business with a complete understanding and analysis of your customers.

Features that make Techmango CRM stand out

  • Customer Journey Orchestration

  • Omnichannel

  • Analytics

This feature of our TechmangoCRM helps to discover and visualize customer journeys to get better insights into your customers’ preferences and organize meaningful customer journeys. Provide a smooth brand experience to your customers by coordinating the actions of various departments in your organization. Make improvements in your business processes by identifying loopholes in various stages of processes.
TechmangoCRM enables you to get connected with your customers through multiple channels. Converse in real-time with prospects and customers. Get notified instantly whenever someone connects with your brand via your website, email, or on any social media platform.
TechmangoCRM analytics allows you to measure the performance of your sales activities accurately and help your business grow with data-backed decisions. With real-time reporting, you can gain valuable insights into marketing campaigns, sales trends, team performance, etc.
  • Customization

  • Predictive Sales & Intelligence

  • Workflow automation

Our TechmangoCRM supports the customization of details with custom modules, buttons, and fields. You can also create layouts for various processes and find any required information with custom views and advanced filters. With multi-currency and multi-language support, you will be able to sell your products and services to people around any corner of the world.
TechmangoCRM includes an AI feature with which you can fetch the information you require, compute sales numbers, and predict the future of a sale easily. You can also automate tasks and detect abnormalities without any hassles in TechmangoCRM.
TechmangoCRM enables you to create optimized workflows to minimize manual data entry, remove redundancies and accelerate processes. Get benefits from certain predefined actions such as scheduling tasks, sending emails, etc, and also create custom actions like sending customized notifications to customers as required.
  • Performance management

  • Social media monitoring

Accelerate the productivity of your sales team with perfect forecasts of potential revenue and convert more prospects with the quick categorization of customers, setting up multiple currencies, utilization of AI predictions, etc.

What we offer

  • Cloud-Based

    TechmangoCRM is infrastructure agnostic and so can be deployed and utilized easily as a cloud-based platform that best suits many businesses to manage sales, customer support, and marketing facets of B2C and B2B engagement strategies. It provides great accessibility to data when required and maximum flexibility to scale up and down.

  • On-Premise

    This best fits businesses that involve the need to set up back-end infrastructure. Deploy the system on-premise and gain better control over the data with advanced security options.

  • Hybrid

    Here, entrepreneurs can make the best choice from either cloud-based or on-premise deployment based on their preferences and needs. Being a perfect combination of cloud and on-premise model, proprietors can get easy accessibility and at the same time complete security. So, this will serve as an apt choice for your business at all times. We also provide source code for our TechmangoCRM framework to cater to the niche requirements of various industries such as insurance, healthcare, financial services, etc.

Why TechmangoCRM for your business?

  • Readily customizable

    TechmangoCRM is a one-time investment and a fully custom product that supports dynamic workflows in your business processes. So, it can go in line with your business growth and can completely suit your specific CRM requirements.

  • Build effective business processes

    Succeed in building efficient business processes with TechmangoCRM. Our flawless CRM product will ensure that all key standards are kept into account during the execution of processes.

  • Ensuring complete security

    You can rest assured that all your customer information is safe with the TechmangoCRM system as it includes top-notch and zero-compromise digital security mechanisms.

  • Mobility support

    TechmangoCRM provides complete mobility support to make sure every member of your team has seamless access to key CRM details, no matter where there are. So, getting all customer information instantly to provide uninterrupted service will not be a tough job anymore.

  • User-friendly

    All your employees can utilize TechmangoCRM easily and can get the most out of it. There is not much of a learning curve in this turnkey product and so people can start leveraging its impressive features and functionalities from day one.

  • Quality customer support

    TechmangoCRM will support your team with the essential historical information of a customer as well as data regarding the same issues faced by other users which will eventually help your team in resolving customer inquiries speedily. Thereby ensuring better customer satisfaction at all times.

  • Scale up brand outreach

    TechmangoCRM will help in boosting brand outreach within a short span of time. With very few customizations, you can quickly scale up your business with TechmangoCRM. Drive brand awareness, retain potential customers, and grow your business with TechmangoCRM.

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What does our TechmangoCRM do to your business?

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