Sports Domain BI Case Study

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Sports-BI specializes in analyzing data pertaining to head impact injury in American football. Everyone involved in each given team will be able to gain in-depth insights into head injury data gathered, analyzed, and reported via Sports-BI.

The platform makes use of data gathered by special helmets designed by our customer. They have built-in sensors to capture head injury impact levels. With the help of our tool, coaches would be able to come up with training plans to improve performance and mitigate injury risks based on the optimized and streamlined data it makes available over time.


  • A server-less ETL that adopts an incremental extraction approach, adequate logging and alerts for optimal monitoring, and star schema refresh for easier data handling regardless of volume.
  • Dedicated analysis of head injury impact as presented in reports.
  • Specialized reports for inactive teams and system overview
  • A planner for safer and more productive practices
  • API integration and ETL status monitoring


Our client wanted nothing less than accurate data to be made available to teams and for each one to be as relevant to their situation and players as possible. This, more or less, presented the following challenges:

  • Knowing the appropriate tools and solutions
  • Working with data scientists to pinpoint the kind of visualization required
  • Complex customization
  • Huge volumes of data to manage
  • The need for scheduled reports, which isn’t supported by most BI solutions
  • Modeling a data mart for the solution
  • Controlling data access at visualization level for individual users including external ones


Having catered to numerous companies operating in the business intelligence field, it did not take long for us to develop a seamless and streamlined architecture necessary for data extraction, analysis, and reporting.

We capitalized on Power BI’s simplicity and adaptability to take care of most of the visualization needs. As for ETL, we relied on the automation benefits of AWS Glue.

We developed dedicated dashboards for team personnel like coaches and product owners to deliver data that is solely pertinent to them. In turn, this tackled most of the customization challenges, and as for custom reports, we adopted logical layers to support them.

To boost security and streamline usage further, we adopted row level security for customers and provided admin access for data scientists. For the scheduled reports, we simply developed our own RPA solution, which has shown more efficient automation in our past projects.


Our clients were markedly pleased by the sheer streamlined process involved in the viewing of reports and data visualization and analytics as a whole. It allowed them to save time and effort, and more importantly, they have since started relying heavily on Sports-BI to adopt safer sports practices and equipment.

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