What are the Benefits of Cross-platform Application Development?

It is a well-known fact that mobile app development is significant for organizations building an online presence as people nowadays search for convenient access to products, information, and services. This demand has eventually driven the adoption of cross-platform tools, resulting in the development of better applications. 

With its unique and striking offerings, the cross-platform apps opened the doors for a zillion benefits and a million possibilities. Many companies are now turning to cross-platform options that offer impressive features at affordable prices.

In simpler terms, cross-platform apps are designed to work smoothly across multiple OSs such as iOS, Android, and Windows. These applications use a common codebase, enabling developers to write code once and deploy it on different platforms. Such a process of building an app that can run on multiple platforms seamlessly is known as cross platform app development.

Building such apps minimizes the development costs for the company and accelerates the process. In a nutshell, if your top priority is to launch your application quickly, then cross-platform development is the best way to go.

Cross platform application development is also a smart decision for businesses looking to take their businesses to the next level of success.

Really surprising, right?

If these points kindled interest in you to know more about cross platform app development and its astounding benefits, then this blog is totally for you. 

Let’s plunge into this stunning concept

What are the best cross-platform framework technologies?

Here are some key cross-platform framework technologies:

  1. Flutter
  2. React Native
  3. Ionic
  4. Xamarin
  5. Native Script
  6. Node.js
  7. Phone Gap
  8. Appcelerator Titanium
  9. Sencha Touch
  10. Corona SDK

Difference Between Native and Cross-platform 

FactorsNative App DevelopmentCross-Platform App Development
CostPlatform-specific and consistent UI/UXWith minimal consistency, a unified UI/UX for all platforms
Code ReusabilityCode is platform-dependent.A single code may be used on multiple platforms.
UI/UXPlatform-specific and consistent UI/UXWith minimal consistency, a unified UI/UX for all platforms
PerformanceCompletely native performanceNative-like performance, high-performance
Target AudienceOnly available on a single platformReach out to a huge amount of people.

What are the benefits of cross-platform apps?

As mentioned earlier, cross-platform apps offer the benefit of being able to reach a wider audience base. These apps can run on a variety of platforms and still work seamlessly together, allowing businesses to target their audiences on multiple platforms effortlessly instead of just one. Let us now see these remarkable benefits of cross platform app development in detail and why it needs to be embraced by aspiring entrepreneurs like you to stay ahead of the curve. 

Code reusability

Code shareability is a game changer having a great impact on the whole development process, right from time efficiency to minimal costs. Even though the amount of shared code depends on the number of native elements in the app, the benefits are very clear. With the elimination of the work duplication problem, developers will be able to manage their work effectively without any hassles. So, the apps can be also deployed to the market speedily without delays for any platform. 

Chance to reach a wide audience

With the cross-platform technology, you can maximize the app’s exposure to at least two groups of users utilizing devices with different OS. This enables businesses to enhance their user base and drive revenue within a very short span of time.

Reduced development time and costs

As mentioned before, when it comes to time, cross-platform applications help reduce the time required for development. These apps also reduce time spent on maintenance and updates because a single team will be responsible for all versions of your application instead of the requirement for many teams in native development. This makes it ideal for quick startups who want to get their presence quickly on multiple platforms with just one app. 

Also, as cross-platform apps use a single code base and common API, there is no need to hire different teams for different platforms. This leads to a reduction in the developers’ count, which in turn results in the reduction of total development costs. With cross-platform app development, businesses don’t have to worry about going over budget. In other words, with the process including fewer work hours, only fewer charges will be incurred and so the overall costs incurred will be much lower. So, building a cross-platform app is the best option to optimize your budget. 

UI/UX consistency across different platforms

With the cross-platform development approach, your app will feel consistent across devices with different OS. Consistency in design facilitates app usage and makes it intuitive for users. Also, it can improve the brand’s identity across target audiences and therefore can enhance users’ loyalty.

Simple cloud integration

Another main reason why cross-platform applications are great for businesses is that they can be quickly and easily integrated with the cloud for hosting services. So, the application will be scalable and more functional as the single code source can be coordinated with various extensions and plug-ins. 

Future of cross-platform app development

The future of cross-platform development looks bright because its popularity tends to rise among enterprises and many big players globally. Many development communities are working relentlessly on growing and broadening the frameworks’ capacities and improving functions, making them more flexible. So, it is very clear that opting for cross-platform mobile app development will be profitable for businesses in the long run.

The Bottom Line

From the above sections, it will be quite clear that cross-platform application development is a must for businesses these days to beat the fierce competition in this digital world. But, as an ambitious proprietor you need to understand that it becomes essential to approach a leading IT service provider for your cross-platform application development needs as all digital service providers will not be able to meet your business requirements fully. 

Techmango is one of the renowned IT service providers delivering top-notch IT services and solutions for multitudinous business models. It has been providing reliable cross-platform app development services with the utilization of some advanced technologies and tools such as React Native, Cordova, Flutter, Ionic, AdMob, Airpush, and so on.

With a team of enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals, it helps in building matchless cross-platform apps for businesses in order to grasp new-age business opportunities and drive innovation. 

Techmango can collaborate with you for 

  • Cross-platform development offshore partnership
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) for complete cross-platform app development services and solutions
  • Dedicated team/Extended IT arm support/Resource requirements
  • IT consulting services to handle your mobile app development projects

    So, if you are looking for the best way to build your own cross-platform mobile application for your business, do not hesitate to reach us.

    Check our portfolio to learn more about our rich expertise in cross-platform app development and get shine in your digital business endeavor with us!

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