DevSecOps: Why the Tech World Needs It | Benefits of Implementing DevSecOps

  • DevSecOps is a security strategy in DevOps. It focuses on implementing security practices at every phase of the software development cycle. This means that security should be treated as a product, not just an afterthought or something you do after the product is released.
  • DevSecOps is a relatively new term in the software development industry. It was coined to bridge the gap between security and IT teams. It also improves the speed and agility of bringing new products to market in an agile way. The need for DevSecOps arose when it became apparent that developers were not taking their security obligations seriously enough. Developers were making critical errors when designing systems which could present significant risks to organizations.
  • The examples are given are not just about IT departments but also non-IT departments, such as marketing teams, who need to have their awareness of security best practices to protect their data from being breached when promoting products or when interacting with customers through email or social media channels. DevSecOps is the future of all businesses. We should not ignore this huge industry shift and see it as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition.
  • Your security will never have to be compromised. Security is just as important as the functionality of your application. DevSecOps makes it more convenient for companies to ensure that.

What is DevSecOps:

  • Before and during the implementation of DevOps, there was a lack of security parameters in the software development life cycle (SDLC) which resulted in late reflection on possible implementation errors. This made it difficult to identify and solve security errors which were harmed.
  • In today’s digital age, with the rise of new technologies and the competitive nature of software development, we’re constantly trying to improve and better ourselves. DevSecOps is a set of practices and tools combining development, security, and operations for quicker delivery to the market.

Important Features of DevSecOps

Enable faster and practical programming

  • The DevOps approach to application security emphasizes the speed at which security policies are implemented, allowing for both quicker implementation and better quality. This collaboration between IT Ops and DevOps teams allows them to work together to create applications using security policies implemented at every stage of the development process.

Proactive security

  • It seems like DevSecOps is a very up-and-coming trend. These operations make the security team much more proactive. It starts by integrating or improving their current threat intelligence feed to be able to monitor it 24/7. Another addition is automating triage, investigation, and remediation as quickly as possible. In this type of company, security professionals keep an eye on potentially successful targeted attacks as well as find attackers before they find you.

Security flaw fixing 

  • The main purpose of DevSecOps is to prove that the organization has the most up-to-date information on its security flaws. Also, implementations assure that security flaws are identified and fixed at the appropriate time so that they do not affect customer experience.

Automated Monitoring and Testing

  • In the past, the testing of a system was done manually and it could take days, weeks, or months to finish a test cycle. But now new DevSecOps tools have been developed so that software developers can use them to automate monitoring and testing cycles automatically.

Flexible and repeatable process

  • Bringing security earlier in the development lifecycle is the key to DevSecOps, but it also has to be relevant, easy to use and flexible. With the right tools, developers can be made part of the security initiative, making security contextually relevant for them at any given stage of the SDLC.


  • DevSecOps is a new perspective on the traditional, waterfall approach to application development that organizations have been using for years. This new methodology seeks to build security into the process itself, allowing applications to be developed quickly and securely. The deployment of DevSecOps can be accelerated by building security into existing tools, providing quicker time-to-market and allowing the business to reap the benefits of any enhanced security features.

There are many benefits of implementing DevSecOps in your organizations, and if you’re looking for the best security consulting services,Techmango’s team of DevSecOps consultants should be your choice. We will help you redefine your strategies to exploit DevSecOps practices, thus bringing up strong IT security without compromising on productivity.

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