Why Ruby on Rails is so Popular | Benefits of RoR Development

  • Are you a start-up and want to create a web application? there are a lot of programming languages and plenty of app development frameworks to choose from, and making the choice that best suits your business needs could prove to be challenging.
  • But, making the right choice is going to make all the differences, such as saving time and cost without compromising the security. And considering these factors, we would strongly suggest RoR (Ruby on Rails) is the best choice for your startup.
  • Let’s take a look at some of the key features of RoR that makes it a good choice for your startups :


  • One of the major difficulties faced by start-ups is budget and timeline. They have to finish off their project at a low cost and launch their product as soon as possible.
  • RoR is an open-source framework that works on Linux, which is a family of open-source software operating systems that is completely free. There’s a lot of availability of plugins for Ruby, which the developers can make use of and save lots of time.

Safe and Secure

  • RoR has various built-in safety measures that are enabled by default. The RoR community tests the entire components before release, adding to the safety of the framework. Also, RoR supports both test-driven development & behaviour-driven development.

Test Automated

  • RoR is keen on testing and test automation. It supports RoR developers to test the code before implementing them without the help of third-party testing tools.

Easy to Maintain

  • RoR is all about reliable and effective coding, and the gems or components that come along with the framework allow web app development companies to improve their coding style, test codes, and debug it on short notice. All this makes RoR comfortable to manage and maintain.

It’s for all Industry Verticals

  • RoR is a full-stack framework suitable for all types of industry verticals including Content Management System(CMS), eCommerce, FinTech, social networks, and more.

Improves Productivity

  • The ROR language is quite expressive and short, and when combined with the many available third-party libraries, allows you to develop features quickly. These all make RoR one of the most productive programming languages for developers.

Why is Techmango the best choice for your RoR development project?

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