• Nowadays chatbots have become more popular than ever, thanks to advances in technology and machine learning. Chatbots will continue to grow, become more useful, and ultimately play a major role for all types of businesses in customer support in the future.
  • AI is not an expensive thing which Fortune 500 companies can only afford. Today even small businesses can use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop their processes, interact more deeply with their consumers, and ultimately increase their profits.

Chatbot Trends in 2020

What is Chatbot?

  • Almost everyone knows about the chatbot generally, but let me brief the exact definition of the customer service superstars. Chatbots are small programs that help replicate customer interactions automatically based on a set of predefined conditions. These programs are able to conduct human conversations via a messaging interface which helps to improve customer service.
  • AI enhances the features of the chatbots, like supporting them to solve problems, send personalized messages, and improve their interactions over time. The software may still be under development, but without even knowing it, most people use chatbots daily.

Top Chatbot Development Trends:

Chatbots Becoming More Human-Like

  • Chatbots have taken over various business industries and many businesses utilize the benefits of adopting Chatbots for their Business. One of the real-time examples is Facebook. Using your Facebook messenger, you can now book a ride ( Ola or Uber ) without opening the Uber or Ola apps.

Steady Adoption Of Chatbots

  • Being a human, we constantly try ways to adapt and change. Chatbots are a tool for doing this, giving a better way to connect companies with their users.

Chatbots Are More AI-Driven Now

  • AI-powered chatbots are now able to provide a personalized experience for users. Bank of America’s official website is the best real-time example for AI-driven chatbots. Their chatbot can answer any request from the users. The bot will predict customer needs with Predictive Analytics and guide them through complicated banking rules, helping customers make payments, check accounts, save money, etc.

Rich Customer Insights

  • Chatbots store valuable analytical user data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps automate the collected data. Research needs more attention from a dedicated team that can focus on areas of development, process administration, error (mistake) management, and performance improvement.

The Rise of Conversational Bots

  • Business owners need to start discovering the right way to communicate with their customers more efficiently. Sometimes it seems like when users try to tell their problem with the product which should be clarified immediately, but people do not listen to their customers. In that case, conversational bots help the users to resolve the issues with the product or service and guide them to the next level. This method helps business owners to connect with their customers.

The Virtual Assistant replaces the Apps

  • Do you know anything? Most of the smartphone users in the USA never install a new app in a month, it is hard to get people to try new apps nowadays. Users simply uninstall the apps that they do not use and keep only real-use apps on their smartphones. It’s all because of the virtual assistant which helps the user to get the relevant news or services, that’s why they simply go with bots instead of applications.
  • Chatbots are still considered an evolving technology, but they are growing very fast like anything and becoming most important in the customer service, sales, and marketing operations of many organizations.
  • Business owners can provide customer guidance, set expectations, and teach their customers to communicate with chatbots in a manner that ultimately helps their brand’s growth.

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