• The dedicated development team (DDT) Model helps to save yourself from hiring complexity, training, and infrastructure cost. Increase productivity and your software development capabilities with the help of skilled and experienced developers.

Why a dedicated development team?

Dedicated development team in india

Technology Expertise

  • In this model, you don’t need to invest in training or onboarding these new bunch of people as they possess the desired knowledge and experience. You can also meet your technical needs in a single team.

High Productivity and Low Cost

  • Dedicated software services teams double your productivity because resources already handpicked by our team & being previously deployed in our in-house projects, you can right away deploy them in your projects with KT session. We also are minimizing your operational expenses to a large extent, recruiting dedicated teams from India.
  • If you are handling remote teams, you are required to pay four times less for the same work in your home region. Also, costs related to recruitment, onboarding, holiday & sick leaves, insurance policy, office space rent, office equipment maintenance can be minimized. We ensure 100% on-time project delivery, and that’s what you get with dedicated teams.

Long-term Relationships

  • If you go for a freelancing team they will work for your money. But we dedicated teamwork for your requirement. Now, if you are looking for long-term relationships and stability, partnering hands with dedicated software development teams is the best way to go for crafting a winning business strategy.

The team is in your control

  • Commitment will be 100%, on-time project delivery, fixing the administrative issues, and streamlined workflow is what you get with dedicated teams. There is no delay for any commitments.

Connection and Team creation easy

  • Working with a team of employees who have already worked together for a while will save you the pains of early attrition that fresher’s undergo before. Skipping the learning issues and increasing to speed earlier is greatly determined by how familiar the team members are with each other.

Agility Methodology

  • Agile Methodology is the common attribute of dedicated team development. Whether you want to change the project operations, alternate team size, or exchange roles of team members – all can be done quickly and swiftly with a dedicated team model with zero issues. We also work on a hybrid agile approach depending on client requirements.

Steps to Hire Dedicated Development Team:

Dedicated development team in india

Find the Outsourcing Company

  • Hiring a dedicated team, the first thing we need to do is search, track or contact a reliable and trusted list of Outsourcing software Companies with a proven track record over the internet. Need to check what are all the services they have, their types of technology expertise, company achievement product portfolio, and developer experience.

List your requirements

  • Share your requirements with your dedicated software development partner to see whether they have dedicated developers to meet all of your project expectations or not. You need to share these details based on your domain, Technology, and timeline.

Hiring dedicated developers

  • Get more information and consultation with your outsourced IT partner. Also details about the dedicated resources and team members, we need to check whether they have the capability for technical and communication skills to complete your project.

Way to manage the dedicated team

  • When the dedicated team starts working, you need to maintain proper communication with each member of the team. Also plan to coordinate regular meetings with everyone about project completion. They need to share the reports accordingly (Based on project completion)

How to Scale-Up Dedicated Team

  • Developing and increasing your project’s progression pace as they build the dedicated development team and cut off unnecessary costs and also Whenever Compensating for a shortage of skills this dedicated team model would be a great choice.

Why is Techmango the best choice

  • Techmango has gained the reputation of a top offshore software development company by delivering top-quality solutions at affordable cost. Techmango is a more reliable, cost-effective, and preferred alternative than freelancers, consultants, or an in-house development team which costs you more. Feel free to contact us to kick start your project.

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