• Telehealth application helps the doctors and patients closer in a digital environment and improves access to care. It helps patients to communicate with doctors from wherever and anytime. In reverse, doctors can check, diagnose, and treat patients remotely online.
  • Just 3 minutes is the approximate time a patient waits to connect with a doctor using a telehealth application. So, patients don’t need to wait for hours to get a consultation from the doctor.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Different types of Telehealth Apps:

Real-time Interaction

  • Healthcare providers and patients can communicate in real-time using video conferencing. The telehealth app for real-time communications allows both patients and doctors to see and hear each other.

Remote Monitoring

  • Telehealth applications can also be used for the administration of patients at high risk and allow healthcare specialists to observe the patient’s activities and signs remotely via wearable devices (Ex. Smartwatch) and IoT-enabled health sensors.

Why Telehealth App Development is trending?


  • Booking appointments earlier, going to the hospital, and waiting in a long queue is not a convenient method to get help from doctors. But while using a telemedicine app, patients don’t need to wait in long queues just to get an appointment and checking. Alternatively, they can schedule an online appointment with a doctor and connect at the earliest availability. It helps in starting the required treatment immediately and efficiently.

Medical Records

  • This application helps the doctors and also the patients to view a patient’s medical records instantly. It enables the doctors to get access to the patient’s past records immediately and helps them to treat in a better approach by studying their historical medical records.
  • Also, patients can easily share their medical records with family members, friends, and other doctors. They no need to maintain paper-based medical reports in their drawers.

Time Management of Doctors

  • With the help of this app, doctors can manage their tasks more efficiently. As doctors can treat their patients and give consultation from the convenience of their home or clinic, they will be able to check more patients at once. This app can provide a more reliable work-life balance to healthcare specialists.

Key features of the Telemedicine Application

Encryption and Security Protocols

  • Utilizing security and encryption protocols enables patients and doctors to keep patient’s records secure and safe.

Video Conferencing

  • Video conferencing enables doctors and patients to communicate face-to-face on tablets, mobile devices, and computers with high-quality audio and video.

Chat Option (Instant messaging)

  • Using the chat option patients can send instant text messages to doctors and also doctors can send an instant text message to the patients in case of any change in appointment.

Appointment Management

  • This feature permits patients to select an available slot from the doctor’s calendar and schedule appointments themselves.

Other Features

  • Other required features like Clinical Documentation, HIPAA Compliance and etc, which helps to keep the patient’s data secure and allowing the doctors to access them.

How can AI and IoT impact Telemedicine App Development?

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Telemedicine combined can find diseases more accurately and reduce harm. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming healthcare in various ways. You know something, doctors have already adopted a Google Machine Learning (ML) Algorithm to treat diabetic retinopathy and diagnose remotely!

Treatment Recommendation

  • Executing machine learning algorithms in the apps can drive more reliable diagnoses with less human interference. Let’s see some examples, an algorithm should observe each treatment for some disease and then ask patients feedback on how long it took them to feel better on average, then suggest the better treatments based on previous success rates to doctors.

Making better diagnoses

  • Doctors can observe, diagnose, and treat patients online using this app. When remote monitoring gets connected with machine learning, this application can provide more reliable diagnoses with less human interaction.

IoT Enhances the app

  • IoT can improve app development in many ways. It can help in implementing a quality of care that’s much better than in-person treatment techniques.

Remote Monitoring

  • People residing in farm areas commonly get suffered because of the lack of proper health monitoring. It can be feasible with the help of powerful wireless sensors connected through IoT to monitor patients in such areas.
  • Smart sensors can collect the patient’s data securely, analyze the data using complicated algorithms, and share the accumulated information with the concerned health professionals.
  • It needs a lot of attention to detail. Apart from knowing the features to be included within the app and technologies to be used, you need to consider that the app complies with the act on your targeted country or regions. You should add complete information on each doctor and allow patients to rate and review doctors to make the telemedicine app reliable for your users.

Are looking for a tech-partner to develop a telemedicine application, Techmango can help you to build a telemedicine app from a small to an enterprise-grade solution that can quickly integrate with your existing healthcare system. Feel free to reach our telemedicine app experts to start working on your project

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