Dedicated Software Development Team

Dedicated development teams are groups of experts or specialists selected by you to do a particular job. In contrast, in-house programmers who work for your company may not be the best choice for what you need to be done. When the project is over and cooperation ends with dedicated development teams, it’s more cost-effective than hiring an entire team that fulfills these specialized duties on a permanent basis. If you choose to collaborate within this type of group, then they become like in-house staff members but without administrative responsibilities such as HR issues or social benefits; instead, they will focus on more high-level business matters while developing new technologies outside their contracted projects.

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We help the business to increase performance and minimize duration to market by providing scalable agile software development and data processing teams that work seamlessly with your in-house team. Get a sustained competitive advantage for your company by using access to the top transnational people with in-depth technology technical expertise and extensive industry experience.

Why You Will Hire Our Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated development teams would not be as popular if they did not offer specific
advantages that can help the company target and goals.

Immediate Recruitment

You’ll get access to unique candidates who are ready to take on your project right now. Choose the finest talents from our pool of developers, and rapidly build your full-cycle, ready-to-go team.

Cost-efficient Model

The pricing model of a dedicated Software as a Service team is quite simple. All of the work is based on time, so you pay only for the time worked.

Quick Development Cycle

A professional team is able to take care of every aspect that is required in a project. With Quick Development Cycle, you can get things done fast and effectively to avoid delays in production.

Strong Technical Background

We bring together the best professionals in their field with the goal of developing secure software. It provides an inspirational culture when combined with professional management.

Easy to Manage

The talent market and regulators make the process of acquiring, managing and releasing employees simpler. This allows flexibility of personnel changes among software developers.

Performance Optimization

Real-time performance monitoring assists in verifying and fine-tuning development processes and effectiveness.

Benefits of Hire Dedicated Development Team

Our engineers are experts at their craft. They’re highly skilled in all aspects of software development, and they have plenty of experience collaborating on all sorts of projects. Every dedicated team member has the autonomy and authority to do what’s best for your product, not just what’s best for their specialty. You can take ownership of your project while you hire dedicated development team from techmango.

We Collaborate with Top Software Company

Our company has taken up a quick step-by-step guide to assist you in hiring a software development team.

We are Development Experts on all Technologies

One of the main components in making agile projects efficient and productive involves cross-functional teams.
Cross-functional teams are more adaptable, can respond more quickly to changing demands,
and can better manage continuous support and maintenance.


Dot-net Developers

We as a team of dedicated dot net developers have been delivering an end-to-end solution of dot net development services to a variety of industries.


UI/UX Designers

Want to breathe life into your user interface? We have a highly qualified UX Designer who will help you plan and execute a great design.


DevOps Engineers

Our expert DevOps developers are well aware of critical requirements that contribute to the success of your continuous delivery and DevOps tools.


Mobile App Developers

Hire mobile app developers from Techmango, who have developed multiple enterprise mobile applications for businesses around the globe.


QA Specialists

Hire a Dedicated QA Engineer is a complete solution to find the most suitable dedicated QA professionals and start your project immediately.


Business Intelligence

We have a team of specialized business intelligence consultants who assist start-ups, SMEs, and businesses in analyzing company data and gaining valuable insights.

Dedicated Team Setup and Operations Process

Our company has taken up a quick step-by-step guide to assist you in hiring a software development team.

You can take ownership of your project while you hire dedicated development team

Requirement Analysis

We evaluate the project’s requirements to make recommendations for dedicated team setups.

Tech Roadmap Preparation

we prepare a tech road map and a hiring plan that tells you exactly how many people you’ll need to have in order to carry out your plans. 

Efficient Hiring Process

Based on your requirements, we shortlist your team with an opportunity to reflect on language-specific expertise.

Start your Dedicated Software Development Team

Communication is the first thing you should coordinate with your dedicated software development team.


Need to Discuss With Technical Experts

    Learn About Features From FAQ

    What is dedicated software development team?

    Dedicated software development teams are an outsourced, dedicated resource for clients who have larger projects and long-term engagements. When a client out sources to a dedicated team rather than using individual contractors or consultants for each phase of their project, they receive the benefits of having a team of professionals who work together on their behalf, without overhead costs or the need to manage different suppliers.

    How do I hire dedicated development team?

    You’ll need to choose a trustworthy software development company as a partner, offer your business idea, and obtain the solution’s specifications and tech stack. Your partner will then discover suitable software engineers for the task, and you will have the opportunity to conduct additional interviews if needed.

    How much does it cost to hire a development team?

    It is dependent on the specific scenario, the amount of specialists on your team, and the mix of your team. You may acquire an approximate price for your project by contacting a software development partner who can assess your specific needs.

    When should I hire dedicated development team?

    Agile is best employed when you have a stable team, good backlog of work and frequent communication throughout the project. It’s a great method to adopt if your team is relatively temporary and you don’t want to invest in anything that may not be used in the future. There are specific niches where it is more suitable than other product development approaches. For example, machine learning-powered projects evolve rapidly over time requiring extensive prototyping and real feedback from end users!

    Why hire dedicated developers instead of freelancers?

    It’s simple to hire dedicated developers when members of the team leave. Those who have already worked on the project have their jobs back. They are familiar with the necessary technology and procedures. It implies that the project will be up and operating quickly.

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