• Identity and access management is one of the few business intelligence services that, at its core, prioritize security above everything else. As in any business intelligence software that’s concerned with authentication, it’s only natural for it to impart data protection benefits that could more or less help businesses comply with regulations like the GDPR.
  • Nonetheless, safeguarding your enterprise from data loss would only be good for it in the long run for it ensures customer trust, better business management, and an overall reduction in unnecessary costs. As for how a reputable business intelligence agency usually renders IAM services to aid in data protection, we’ve outlined the common processes and methods here.

Multi-factor Authentication

  • Multi-factor authentication is arguably at the heart of IAM services. Basically, it extends the number of steps involved in the usual authentication process. Traditionally, a password would have sufficed for the purpose. But when it comes to multi-factor authentication, IAM solutions introduce other layers of security either through a one-time PIN being delivered to a user’s phone or through biometrics.
  • More often than not, this type of multi-layered authentication is enough to deter the most common cybersecurity threats like hacking, ransomware, phishing, among others. Usually, business intelligence service offerings provide businesses plenty of leeway in modifying their access policies.
  • On the whole, optimal IAM makes sure only the right users will gain access to your database and with only the right amount of data that would fulfill the said users’ visit. No other type of business intelligence software service has as much focus on security and such all-encompassing as a centralized IAM solution.

Other Ways that IAM Services Aid in Protecting Data Against Perennial Threats

  • Here are the other compelling ways business intelligence implementation services deliver IAM software that provides businesses with more protection and even insights on how to better protect their data.
  • An IAM software could give you invaluable insights into where and how your data is transmitted within your enterprise. In the process, you might discern vulnerabilities that could be taken advantage of by hackers and other malicious entities.
  • Other types of access are offered by business intelligence solution providers when they offer IAM services. For instance, they also often offer roles-based access which is essentially a more customized form of authentication for specific employees, limiting the ones who have complete access to the database to only a few individuals.
  • Another involves the Single Sign-On method, which allows users to gain access to the entire database with just a single verification.
  • Almost any kind of business that runs on any type of cloud service would need IAM services to be compliant with the GDPR. By and large, workloads in the cloud would still require the extraction of personal information from users, after all. It would be difficult to secure this process without a proper IAM solution that would be able to take care of the expansive scale involved in cloud-based services.
  • IAM services give you an overview of every user that has accessed your applications and your business’s database. Even specific details such as the time and place of login would be pinpointed. It goes without saying that this information is invaluable for catching any third-party threat, may it be a hacker or a former employee that has gone rogue.
  • Certain IAM services also promote the concept of data minimization. Essentially, this involves keeping the data accessible to the user to what is only necessary to complete a specific task. Some business intelligence consulting services give you free rein over who will be able to access that data, for how long the authorization would be valid, and even how long the data would be stored before being deleted. Afterward, you can delete vital user account information that would only end up being prey to hackers in the long run.

These Services Only Make It Easy for Your Business to be GDPR-Compliant

  • GDPR compliance only translates to better security and trust for your business. With IAM services offered by business intelligence consulting companies, you would almost naturally be able to comply with their regulations because these services are often designed with them in mind.
  • For one, since it enables you to know hen authentication and authorization are happening at any given time and place, it would be easy for you to show these proofs if you are suddenly required to show them by request. Almost all IAM solutions also keep a record of the consents given by users as well as give them the freedom to not give the said consents. These consents would all be filed in an “audit warehouse” where each one can be viewed to promote business transparency and trust.
  • The GDPR also requires businesses to prove that they can maintain the confidentiality of users’ data. Since IAM services readily restrict access to the database and vital information that can be derived from the user, it would be easy to comply with this specific regulation as well.

IAM Services Only Give Your Business the Best Protection It Needs

  • In the process of seeing the advantages they bring, IAM services would only encourage businesses to implement the best and most secure practices. Considering the possibilities of opting for alternative, risky routes, it’s safe to say that there’s no more logical road to take than opting for these services.
  • Of course, we only touched upon the security benefits here. Many business owners actually praise the holistic benefits of IAM solutions to their enterprises, not least of which is its ability to increase productivity and collaboration among employees. It’s hard to name another solution that can deliver as much.


  • With the ever-looming threat of data breaches and security lapses in the modern field of business at present, business intelligence outsourcing services offer a clear way out of this dilemma with the specific IAM solutions they offer. This not only necessitates enterprises to start adopting these solutions but also encourages any business intelligence solutions company to start honing their IAM strategy to be proactive in detection, remediation, and overall prevention of these threats.

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