• The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major interruptions in the global economy. Another recession, economic slowdown, the rapid rise in unemployment, and etc! There’s been an unexpected halt in international travel, severely impacting the tourism industry. Travel & Tourism playing a major role in revenue generation across the globe. The industry is struggling now to cope up with the repercussions but current technologies support the industry to fight back with the crisis.

Future Trends in Travel & Tourism Industry

Robotics Technology

  • Robotics technology is impelling self-service methods. travel-agents use them for the pre-screening process, text-based chatbots & robotic assistants in the front desk are serving the needs of travelers which cuts down the long queue sizes. From the receptionist to greeting guests and sharing information from time to time, robots are seen all around in airports, hotels, restaurants.

Virtual Reality

  • Have you planned your next trip? You can experience the feel of the locations on your itinerary without visiting the live location, just by staying home using Virtual Reality tools. You can have an immersive experience by virtually traveling your hotels, restaurants, landmarks, and even sightseeing activities. By using this method, you can plan your vacation and trips using technology without any human interference.

Virtual & Contactless Payments

  • One of the most trending words during this Pandemic is “Contactless”, You should prefer contactless payment where you don’t need to carry a wallet, debit card, or a credit card. Your mobile phone is smart enough to do the payments for your travel. Yes, you are always carrying a Mobile wallet with you. MPOS, P2P is a few digital payment methods that give you an entirely seamless experience & hassle-free transactions.

Internet- of- Things (IoT)

  • The unusual constraints on airlines due to the pandemic have led to full confusion in the travel & tourism sector. But, airlines are resuming operations with safety measures. The Internet-of-Things technology has appeared as an exciting hero that calls for interconnecting daily devices via the internet.

Biometric-Recognition Technology

  • Most international airports like Dubai and Singapore use facial recognition as an identification tool. You get a single digital ID that can determine your unique identity, travel details & biometrics. Passengers don’t need to carry physical documents, only one biometric travel token through all touch-points is what you need.

AI & Big Data

  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data technologies are helping the industry by analyzing user behavior and current business performance. Hotel businesses using Big Data for revenue management purposes to predict future demand levels.

If you are a startup or company involved in the travel industry who would like to know how to capitalize on technology, contact us today!

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