How Technology Improve Warehouse Management | Smart Warehouse Technology

  • Warehouse Management is a major part of any Supply-Chain cycle. Warehouse Management is not about managing the space also how you use it. Nowadays technologies play a key role in growing your business, managing your warehouse etc. Here we are going to list out the top technologies you should utilize to manage your warehouse.

Disruptive Technologies

  • Industries across the globe started using modern technologies such as the IoT (Internet-of-things), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud Computing in the day-to-day process of their businesses. In the entire process, two major things occur: Innovation and Disruption. So, disruptive technology is the technological innovation that enters the existing market and causes disruption there. Smart Warehouses are the product of disruptive technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML).

Smart Warehouse Management System (WMS) & IoT

  • As we mentioned above Warehouses play an important role in any kind of supply-chain facilitating storage of goods till they get dispatched at a target location. To bring global visibility to the supply chain in the business is WMS or the Smart Warehouse Management System, an IoT-enabled technology product. You can get extensive power-packed benefits from WMS that convert your regular warehouse into a smart warehouse. So, managing your day-to-day logistic operations becomes easier now. They are done by the Automated-Guided-Vehicles (AGVs), Telematics system which help increase the accuracy and speed of the logistic processes, minimizing human interference. Warehouse management system helps optimize all the inventory tasks, procedures in the system.

Machine-To-Machine Technology

  • The Machine-To-Machine technology improves the process and also monitors the automation of your warehouse. You don’t need to monitor manually how the orders are processed. Combined with WMS, the most advanced Machine-To-Machine systems can now control all things in your warehouse and this is very significant towards order fulfillment processes. Machine-To-Machine helps you provide actionable insights to make more reliable decisions, accuracy in information leads to demand forecasting, which helps you predict when to deliver a product.

Order Fulfillment Optimization Technology

  • This technology is an automated and cost-effective solution over picking methods that are done manually. It completely automates your warehouse processes.

Voice WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)

  • Voice technology is one of the most powerful picking methods used in logistics management. The technology “Voice Warehouse Management Systems” uses speech recognition as well as speech synthesis which helps workers to communicate within the warehouse management system. Vocalized instructions are given for picking, receiving, putting orders, and other warehouse shipping functions.

Warehouse Robotics Technology

  • Smart Robots help in the movement, sorting, and storage of your inventory in the warehouse. As an administrator of your warehouse, you should pick that Robotics Technology that suits your requirement.
  • There are lots of other technologies available in the market. It’s better to consult with technical experts or a team to decide which technology suits your requirement, your environment, helping smoother operations and supply chains of your Warehouse.
  • If you wish to manage your warehouse simply and effectively with the help of the latest technologies, just reach out to our technology experts today.

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