• In this fast-moving world, most business communication occurs via emails and messaging. people particularly use various messenger apps for messaging. If a person is interested in buying a certain product and wants to get some information about the product, the person would write an email and wait for a reply from the company. While waiting for the information, chances are high that the person may lose interest in the product to avoid such delays in response. Technologies like chatbots may prove to be a blessing.
  • A chatbot is a computer program that imitates human conversation by text message and it was initially introduced in the year 2016. An interesting thing about chatbots is, that a person would be interacting with the bot without even realizing that it’s a robot and not a real human. A big advantage of using a chatbot is that it can be programmed to respond instantly to the person interacting with it, and guide the person towards buying the products or services. This is the power of using chatbots in business.

AI chatbot development

  • Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize words, helping them to understand the human voice. They can decode verbal or written questions and provide the required information or direction. Most of the customers first encountered chatbots via dialog boxes on business websites. Chatbots also interact verbally with users, like Siri and Alexa. Chatbots are constantly being used by organizations to enhance their customer experience.

How companies benefit from chatbots:

  • Available 24/7
  • Increase Engagement
  • Understand the Customer Better
  • Instant Response
  • Drive More Revenue
  • Reach New Channels
  • Increase Loyalty
  • Reduce Cost
  • Maximize Staff Skills

How Techmango’s AI-Based Chatbot Solution Help Enterprises

  • COVID-19 accelerated digitization at an exceptional speed. The demand for automation is evolving across all industries. But, I believe that current chatbot technologies have struggled to fulfill standards by focusing on automating communications without including deeper layers. This is why Techmango offers something more than just the usual chatbot.
  • Initially, Chatbots were used only for banking, telecom, insurance, etc. But now Chatbots are highly used in all industries like retail, online stores, and etc.
  • Techmango’s AI-based chatbot is the right solution for those who are looking to increase their sales, overcome dropped cart issues, enhance customer experience, etc.

Our customized Chatbot features

  • Products Search
  • Visual Search
  • Live Chat
  • Contextual Chat
  • Notifications
  • Always Available

Live chat and online forums

  • Live chat is a valuable opportunity for creating an online community, helping the audience to communicate in a place where they understand that their values are shared. Registered users can discuss candidly and help other users by solving the queries posted on the platform.
  • Any user can post their question by tagging the product, the solutions and advice from other users are then informed and submitted to the customer.

Visual Search

  • We identify photographs within 10 seconds, and most of the information received by the brain is visual that’s why humans are called visual beings.
  • Visual search uses illustrations of the physical world as a stimulus for web searches. These suggestions can work when a customer is browsing for a specific product. This gives seamless product discovery with customers now purchasing new but similar styles across a vast product list.

Product Search

  • This feature is another perfect implementation of custom search. It lets the customers search, based on the categories. customers will get the exact results with the help of product or category search. It simplifies the user’s searching experience. Almost all of the online e-commerce stores have product/category searches.

Contextual chat

  • One of the best useful chatbots features as it is more simple to get information about goods, accounts, orders, and checkouts. The user can write a single line query like My orders, and the bot will show the entire order list. Also, the user will get their account information just by tying “My account”.

Why are Chatbots the future?

  • I strongly believe that AI-based chatbots are modifying the user experience to a great extent, and most companies are starting to adopt them.
  • With billions of dollars of annual investment and significant human resources dedicated to their growth, chatbots will potentially create significant potential demand in both corporate and customer environments.
  • The industry is growing rapidly due to the increasing need for AI-powered customer care services and good return on investment (ROI) for businesses. It is very important for every company to be available 24/7 with quick and customized services in the required language.

Hope this article helped you make up your mind for spending in an AI-powered chatbot for your business to 4X your revenue. Feel free to reach business@techmango.net to discuss more chatbot development.

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