Mark your calendar! Techmango is to exhibit cutting-edge technologies at the LEAP 2024 IT Exhibition!

LEAP is the world’s biggest tech event and the ultimate convergence of technology, innovation, and limitless possibilities. It brings together the global tech ecosystem to connect, learn, and discover. We are excited to announce that Techmango will be participating in the LEAP 2024 exhibition, which is to be held at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Saudi Arabia from March 4 to 7, 2024. You can locate our experts at stall H5 F38.

If you are an ambitious industry leader, proprietor, or tech enthusiast looking to collaborate with innovative tech professionals to be a part of technological evolution, then this event will be a great start for you.

Why Visit Techmango at LEAP?

Techmango has been making a significant impact in the IT industry since its inception in 2014 and this exhibition will provide us with an amazing opportunity to share our innovative solutions and products with the wider community. You will be able to connect with our top tech professionals to immerse yourself in the future of technology and innovation. Our industry-leading experts will be readily available at the event to elucidate our rich set of IT services to bolster your digital journey.  

Recognized globally for a holistic portfolio of IT services, you can rely on us for:

  • Your Extended IT Arm for all your software needs
  • Ownership-based Custom Software Development Services 
  • Building Offshore CoE for Top Niche and Legacy Technologies 
  • Strategic Technology Consultation with multi-domain expertise

We have been working with innumerable leading brands in the Middle East Countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait, and so on. So, this event will be an excellent opportunity for many companies to form long-term synergy partnerships with us to attain excellence in their fortes and fuel up IT service ventures. 

With our proven Offshore software development services framework, businesses can benefit from up to 40% cost savings and utmost business continuity. This is mainly because we include a talent pool of around 450+ experts with a minimum attrition rate, focusing on quick solutions & product delivery. Our partners choose us for our flexible pricing structure, talented professionals, quality services, speed-to-market, agility approach, and access to top tools. 

There will be no need for businesses to worry about any project failures as we will take complete ownership of tasks and embrace processes to enhance business continuity. To say in a nutshell, we are a tech community offering bespoke digital business solutions and services with comprehensive ownership of every project that we undertake. This ownership-based working model made us successfully deliver 230+ global projects across 15+ domains. 

Utilize our strong areas as yours to embark on a remunerative digital service venture with a win-win benefit.  

How can you benefit by joining us at LEAP?

Networking opportunities

Connect with tech pioneers from the Techmango team. Share ideas, discuss challenges, and explore digital opportunities that can drive success for your organization.

Insights from experts

Gain valuable insights from our professionals. Discover striking strategies to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Interactive demos

Experience our innovative products through live demos. Our experts will guide you through the functionalities and features that can revolutionize your business processes and operations. 

Tech realms we rule

Generative AI/ML Solutions

Advanced GenAI and ML solutions for endless possibilities to boost your business performance and unlock new sources of growth.

Blockchain Powered Solutions

Innovative and tailored blockchain solutions that are market-ready to fuel your blockchain journey

Robotic Process Automation

RPA solutions to build your next-gen digital workforce. Accelerate digital transformation and gain maximum ROI from your business.

Data Engineering Services

Attain the next level of data usage, data management, and data automation with business-critical insights. 

Product Engineering

End-to-end digital solutions to build market-leading products with time-tested and superior services. 

Enterprise Web/Mobile app

Enterprise web and mobile app development services to help businesses facilitate mission-critical workflows and automate processes. 

Legacy System Modernization

An advanced approach to transform the IT ecosystem based on current and future business needs. 

Techmango’s Turnkey products

We are a renowned firm in developing Turnkey products for different industry verticals. Having the Product Development DNA in us, we understand our client’s pain and build full-fledged software products to satisfy their unique business goals.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A no-code ERP solution that is trusted by over 150+ small, medium-sized, and well-established businesses across the globe. This platform and domain-agnostic software comes with easily deployable advanced automation workflows, multi-department integration facilities, built-in intelligence, procurement module, manufacturing process management, finance and accounting, better reporting and tracking options, sales module, customer relationship management, inventory module, quality control module, HR management, order management, fixed assets module, plant maintenance module, etc. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A sturdy one-time investment and fully customizable CRM product for businesses of all sizes to enhance marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. This user-friendly and infrastructure-agnostic product is a perfect solution for businesses struggling due to the heavyweight and scalability issues of the already implemented CRM systems, businesses seeking a robust CRM solution to streamline business processes, and organizations using SaaS to regulate customer management operations. 

Customer journey orchestration, omnichannel, analytics, customization, predictive sales & intelligence, workflow automation, performance management, mobility support, social media monitoring, etc are some of the notable features of our CRM. 

Productivity Tracking Tool

A comprehensive productivity tracking tool specially crafted with futuristic inclusions for expediting business productivity and growth with accurate insights into employee performance, bottlenecks, and perfect analysis of daily activities. This exemplary system is available as a full-fledged desktop and web app and will fit diverse IT industries and IT-enabled service sectors in monitoring their employee performance. You can access all the benefits of this productivity-tracking tool without paying much 

Dealer Management System (DMS)

Our Dealer Management System is a complete solution designed meticulously to streamline and enhance the operations of automotive dealerships and their affiliated branches. With the ability to handle every facet of dealer operations right from purchase management to sales, service, inventory, and accounting, our impeccable DMS can simplify and boost the efficiency of business operations. Some of its key modules are purchase management, sales and service management, inventory management, accounting management, etc. 


This user-friendly, smarter, and efficient HR software product simplifies the complex HR processes for businesses of all sizes and types. It not only eases back-end HR processing but also delivers an exceptional experience to employees with secure accessibility, easy deployment, mobility support, insightful analytics, effortless query management, and many more. Get ready to revolutionize the HR system experience with this powerful solution.

Omnichannel e-commerce

Our Omnichannel e-commerce product fits B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes and delivers coherent and rich e-commerce experiences for users across all channels. This full-featured solution for diversified digital commerce includes modules for logistics management, warehouse management, inventory and shipment management, product information management, e-commerce ERP, payment solutions and tools, marketing and sales management, e-commerce document management, etc. 

Meet our experts

Meet our Assistant Vice President, Mr. Mohamed Mecca Hussain Shariff at Stall H5 F38 for potential collaboration and impactful, long-term successes in the digital market. 

Discover new ideas and tap into spellbinding technologies right from Artificial Intelligence, RPA, and Blockchain to Data Engineering, Product Engineering, etc. You can also set up a quick meeting for a direct free consultation at your convenience or a virtual meeting to discuss before the regular meetup. 

Join us at the Techmango booth (H5 F38). Be part of the technological revolution and observe the future unfold!

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