• Are you planning to come up with an online face for your business? If your answer is yes, check these basic guidelines to help you choose the best e-commerce development company.
  • E-commerce has turned around the market entirely. Meaning, there are tens of thousands of eCommerce stores already. So, if you really want to make your store stand out from the rest of the crowd, double down your efforts in terms of choosing the right eCommerce development company.
  • Luckily GoodFirms has done all the heavy lifting for you, as it has listed some top eCommerce development companies to make things easier for you.
  • Here we have listed 10 points to help you wet e-commerce development companies before bringing them on board.

1. Do they offer a Scalable CMS system?

  • Let’s admit it! Not each one of us is technically smart. So, it would be better off to opt for an eCommerce web development company that offers you support even after your site goes live.
  • Of course, small jobs could be managed at your end. However, for big, complicated tasks, the development company needs to ensure that the CMS system is easy and straightforward enough to be adaptable and scalable to meet your evolving business needs. Further, if possible, hire a single vendor to manage your website; this will reduce operational hassles for you.

2. Check Portfolio Pages, Customer Testimonials, Technical Expertise

  • Plus, you need to check the portfolio of the company you intend to associate with. By checking out their previous work, specifically the platforms and modules they previously worked on, you will be able to set clear expectations. Also, check their review pages and customer testimonial pages as well. If the clients are all gaga about their technical expertise, collaboration, and rapid delivery, this company could be right for you. Also, look for negative reviews as well.
  • Additionally, talk to existing clients to know about their experience with the eCommerce website development companies in question. Also, interact with developers. Ask them technical questions such as programming language, coding, platform compatibility, and more. Allow them to recommend features and functionalities for your website. This process will ensure that the company has enough technical experience to wade through all the challenges.

3. Find more about their Feature Services

  • Your online store needs to be integrated with several features to boost customer experience. So, figure out what you and your targeted customers are actually looking for. Share the list with the eCommerce website development company. See whether they have the required expertise to add those features prior to giving them the contract. Few common features you need to look for include easy search and navigation, wish lists, product reviews, multiple payment options, and integration with a shipping partner.

4. Testing Process they follow

  • Your website must work flawlessly. Meaning, it shouldn’t contain any bug. So, opt for a website development company that prioritizes the testing process. Any company should ideally check codes at the development stage itself. The testing team comes in later. So, check out with your development team whether they will be testing the codes in the initial stages themselves. Also, see whether you could be equally involved as well during the testing process. The eCommerce site should be launched only when all the aspects of the website are thoroughly tested since a buggy website could impact your business.

5. SEO Optimization Services

  • The website development company, you are going to associate with, must help you develop a robust online presence for your eCommerce store. An SEO-optimized eCommerce website drives quality traffic, boosts sales, and revenue. You can also check out the best SEO companies and services to gain a better idea of SEO optimization.

6. Quality at Any cost

  • Developing an eCommerce website is once in a lifetime thing. So, see that you never compromise on the quality aspect of it. So, choose an eCommerce web design and development company depending on your requirements, and not by their charges.

7. Ensure Ongoing Client-Developer interaction

  • This is also a crucial aspect – the interaction between client and developer shouldn’t be a one-off thing; instead, it should be an ongoing process to ensure continuous interaction. Check whether they use different communication and collaboration tools such as Google Talk, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and more. All these tools will simply ensure that your communication system never breaks down. Inadequate communication processes may lead to misunderstandings, even on trivial matters.

8. Check out whether they stick to Deadlines

  • If you are working under a strict deadline and are looking for a development company that could help you develop a website faster than later, then even deadlines should be factored in while deciding your development company. You even need to factor in time to market the website. So the faster it gets developed, the better. So, look for a company that’s known to deliver its projects on time, as such companies would have a qualified team of developers to work on your project on an ongoing basis.

9. Website Designing

  • Ecommerce sites need to be intuitive, immersive, not to mention navigable. This means any random designer won’t be able to deliver on all these fronts. So make sure that the development team has good designers on boards who are aware of the latest eCommerce trends. Don’t forget an eCommerce website’s design affects its search engine rankings as well.

10. Payment Policies

  • Yes, of course, this is a non-negotiable point that one needs to look into when hiring an eCommerce development company. Before you discuss the budget, make sure you are aware of the clauses, hidden agreements, 3rd party charges, and more. This will avoid misunderstandings in the end. Knowledge about the company’s standard cost, along with the company’s policy and terms and conditions, will help you finalize the deal.
  • There you go! 10 top tips for choosing the right E-commerce web development company for your business. The company that you plan to rope in should understand your website’s vision inside-out, and also won’t mind holding an open communication with you, which, in turn, would help you set expectations.
  • Techmango technology services is an E-commerce development company that’s known for developing responsive E-commerce websites. We guarantee a tailored UI/UX for our customers, plus great collaboration. The rich customer experiences we offer inspire them to come back for more.
  • Author Bio: I am Jennifer Warren, a Content Crafter with GoodFirms, a research and review platform for service and software companies. The company provides a curated list of top mobile app development companies, top writing service companies among many others.

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