• Every business owners have an idea for an app that they think that will be loved by millions of peoples around the world. The only problem they have to face is how to make an app and then put it on the app store for people to download on their phones. Well, do you have an idea to develop an app? Whether you want to make an app for iOS or Android, here are some smart steps and instructions that can help you turn your idea into a working application.

Research, research and never stop the research

  • Before you start developing your app, do some groundwork to see if your idea is viable. Once you developed your application you should start research on how to promote and market the application so that you can win the competition as you will have thousands of competitors providing the same services.
  • If you have a strong belief that your app will have enough demand, do even more research and check out similar apps (Competitor apps) and the services they offer. For example what features do they lack? How can you offer a better solution? Take a look at their “pricing & plans” section and see if you can offer a competing price for the same services they offer.

App Idea Into Reality

Make a basic sketch for your idea

  • Once you are done with your groundwork you should start creating a wireframe. It is essential to stick to the fundamentals and not get carried away by adding too many details. Your application does not need to contain every single feature under the sun. Just make a list of things that are required and another of the things that can make it stand out. Sometimes, doing a similar thing somebody else is already doing but differently is enough to make a unique selling point (USP) for your app.

Start designing and developing your app

  • Now it’s time to begin the actual work. You can start by sketching the user interface (UI) for your application. You have lots of options to do this, as you can do this on paper or use software that lets you create mockups of your app. If you are struggling to create a mockup, you can simply outsource a team or a professional graphic designer or programmer, if needed. If you do not have enough technical knowledge or experience, it is always more reliable to let a professional do the work. They will deliver faster and produce better results.

Think about how to monetize your app

  • Before you proceed any further, determine how you want to monetize your application. This will eventually determine how many users and what kind of audience download your app. There are many choices obtainable to you, but not all of them will be viable for your application. A one-time payment that unlocks all features may not be the best option for a social app that wants to get as many customers on board as soon as possible. Spend your time to identify your target audience and choose the right monetization model, be it in-app purchases, ad-supported, or even trial-based.

Launch your app and start marketing without a delay

  • Publishing your application on either the App Store or Google Play Store is normally a simple and quick method. The more complex part is marketing the application. Yes, Without proper marketing, your app may slowly drop to the bottom of the pile of hundreds of apps that are published every day and every hour. Luckily, there are various ways to spread the happy news about the launch of your sparkling new application, provided you are willing to spend a little amount of money on promotion. Start by purchasing online ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. You can even pay famous Instagram influencers or YouTubers to Branding & promote your app.

Customer support is important for long term growth

  • You should always ready to address issues from day one and respond to customer reviews or queries on the app stores. Regular updates and bug fixes will go a long way in keeping your app users satisfied and faithful. Normally satisfied customers will be a great advertising medium for your application. Yes, they will promote your app without spending any cost. They will refer the app to their friends and family which boosts the app downloads. Try to listen to your app user’s feedback and make sure they know you acknowledge them by answering their e-mails and reviews frequently.
  • You will automatically discover which areas need more development and which new features will add value to your application. If you keep improving and delivering great results, your app will continue to gain new users and keep the old ones coming back to a product that they not only love but are also willing to endorse to their friends and family as I mentioned already.

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