Why React Native is the Best Choice for Mobile App Development

React Native is open-source and available to anyone who wants to use it. The major difference between React Native and other cross-platform frameworks is that React Native allows developers to develop apps using the same codebase across all operating systems. This is because they use JavaScript to define the entire front-end of their app, which allows for more efficient code sharing. Developers only need to write one set of code and it will run on both iOS and Android. React Native is not the only cross-platform framework that allows for sharing code between iOS and Android. With Xamarin, developers can use C# to write code that describes how their app should look and function on both platforms. However, React Native has a few things going for it that make it an appealing option to developers:

Why We Use React Native?

React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps based on JavaScript.It is developed by Facebook and Instagram and was open-sourced in 2015.

React Native allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using a single codebase, which means that it can be used to develop apps for both Android and iOS without the need to write two separate codes. React Native also has the advantage of being able to reuse code from web applications, making it easier for developers who are already familiar with React or JavaScript.

The framework itself is an open-source project maintained by Facebook and Instagram, which means that it’s free to use. The only costs that may arise are those associated with third-party tools needed for specific features such as analytics or push notifications.

Reasons to Use React Native When Developing Mobile Apps

Code Reusability

React Native developers don’t need to re-write a code for every platform as it includes code reusability. This feature makes the mobile app development process more efficient and less costly, increases development speed, and leads to cost savings. React Native also has open-source libraries that include UI libraries.

Flexible, Scalable & Smooth Performance

React Native enables you to use the same core technology for all of your app’s platforms, which makes it easier to learn, quicker to build, and more reliable. You’ll get the same developer tools across your Android and iOS apps, uniform performance and animations on each platform, and UI flexibility when creating functional prototypes.

Quick Development

It enables you to write apps for both Android and iOS using the same code base. As a result, it produces the same performance results with no further modifications. In a little time, you may design a mobile application for your type of business. Different languages, such as JAVA, Swift, C++, and others, are no longer required. All you need is a JavaScript developer who is well-versed in native UI libraries, APIs, and hybrid app development.

Cross-Platform Support

To be successful, new businesses must create their web presence quickly and on a shoestring budget. React Native mobile app development comes into play at this point.

You will save both time and money by using the React Native framework. Another advantage is that, in comparison to other developers, you will be able to find a React Native developer more quickly. This framework will assist you in achieving higher returns as well as a strong consumer base.


Money is a major consideration, especially when establishing a new business. React Native provides an ecosystem of open source libraries which makes it very cost-effective for mobile app development. It can be used for creating hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS by combining JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.


React Native is unlike other cross-platform mobile app development tools: it not only increases the speed of development but also leads to high-quality mobile applications. This is because React Native uses declarative programming and converts the platform-specific markup into pure components that are reusable across different platforms.

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