• Amazon’s AWS has always been lauded for the way it sets up most businesses for success. It offers topnotch cost-savings, flexibility, and security, to cite a few undeniable benefits, and without a doubt, the same can be said for its sub-platforms like CloudFormation. Many business intelligence services have praised it for the way it takes AWS’s benefits to the next level with the power of automation.
  • Of course, as with anything tied to automation, terrific and unprecedented benefits should be expected. It could even be argued that AWS only became the top racing car in the arena simply because it had CloudFormation as its power juice. That simple analogy may very well give you a hint as to how much of a transformative force the platform can be for many enterprises.

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Why Is CloudFormation Revolutionary for Businesses?

  • On the whole, CloudFormation’s value for businesses can be summed up in the fact that it makes the deployment of AWS resources infinitely better with security and efficiency in mind. Basically, like any savvy business intelligence agency can attest, it’s what hands you the keys to scale up your business.
  • After all, imagine being able to automate the development of infrastructure with the help of ready-to-use open-source stacks. Not only does that greatly reduce the time and effort required for programming but costs as well. AWS CloudFormation relies on plenty of good-as-they-are templates, to the point that it essentially functions as a cloud automation solution.
  • To prove this point further, here are some of the ways in which CloudFormation unlocks your business’s ability to scale. Mind you, it’s hard to name any other platform or business intelligence software with this sheer level of benefits.

Its features are all centered on scalability.

  • In fact, it won’t be farfetched to say that its templates anticipate it so well. The moment you need to deploy any given AWS resource, it won’t take time thanks to this feature. Considering the possibility of the influx of traffic, you will be able to act on it immediately (i.e. expand your website’s storage space) and can confidently increase your website’s capacity to what is appropriate for that given time.
  • This is why many business intelligence solution providers won’t hesitate to recommend this platform as it jives well with most of their services, which are essentially riding on the wave of scalability and efficiency. You can perform growth- or downgrading-related actions at a moment’s notice, which only gives you full control over your business’s finances in the long run.

Ensures the consistency of your services and applications.

  • There’s a reason why multiple instances of an app or website should be identical. It represents your brand, after all. Any type of manual modification of settings could result in a lack of needed uniformity that only complicates the overall management of resources. Do you really need to have different settings and resources for functions and results that would virtually be the same? CloudFormation realizes the value of uniformity so it ensures not only easy but uniform deployment of instances and resources on demand.

Its time- and cost-saving benefits can’t be denied.

  • Time is money, and anything that helps you save it only keeps more doors that lead to growth open for your business. Without a doubt, CloudFormation’s ease of use plays into this as well. After all, its templates basically let you compile individual AWS resources into stacks that you can regard as a single unit.
  • These templates can be used as well if you intend to make changes to the resources included in a particular stack. This can be especially helpful during such scenarios when you have to change access control rules regularly over time. Moreover, you can even easily shift between various AWS accounts and regions while managing multiple stacks as your business expands on a global scale.
  • This level of macro-management doesn’t let you overlook anything since every resource would be accounted for in every stack. While it does take time to set up CloudFormation templates, you can do so in a way that you can use the templates again and again over time, without the need to do any other manual tinkering or hiring an engineer to modify the settings for you.

It pairs well with IAM solutions.

  • It’s already a well-known fact that CloudFormation works well with most other AWS sub-platforms and services. However, we need to put a spotlight on its synergy with IAM, which has been used to the fullest by a lot of business intelligence outsourcing services to heighten data security.
  • It goes without saying that managing your stacks should require the highest authentication and authorization. CloudFormation can work with IAM in this regard by allowing you to designate which users will have the authority to perform these vital actions.
  • You can never really compromise data protection in your business since, without it, how can it possibly grow if it’s constantly subjected to data breaches? One way or another, its impact can’t be denied and is one of the main reasons why business intelligence implementation services have such high demand among today’s enterprises in the first place.

Everything will be accounted for easier management.

  • Did you think a constantly changing infrastructure is harder to manage? That’s not really the case with CloudFormation since it pretty much keeps a record of all the changes that have been done to all the templates you are using. This allows you to effortlessly make a note of each one. This is why if you mean to settle for no less than the most meticulous micro-management but want to save as much time and effort while doing so, CloudFormation may very well be the perfect fit for you.


  • Much like how business intelligence consulting companies do their best to harness the full potential of automation in data, the same can be said for the automation and management capabilities of AWS CloudFormation. Technically, it allows you to deploy the required infrastructure in record time, with minimal effort needed once the templates are all properly set up. Now you know the secrets of modern-day enterprises that have shown robust growth in recent years.

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