Cloud Computing Services


Cloud strategy & consulting

Techmango helps in recognizing business and IT requirements for cloud strategies.

IaaS / PaaS cloud app services

Plan, build, host, and extend your application on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms.

Microservices Cloud Architectures

Our cloud developers can help you develop cloud apps using microservices as the architecture.

AWS Cloud

Leverage our AWS Cloud expertise and build advanced applications that are adjustable and stable.

Azure Cloud

Develop and deploy multiple apps with our Azure Cloud services with great end-to-end tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Move your Artificial Intelligence (AI) stack to the public cloud with our AI and cloud experts.


Medicare Data Processing and Integration for Fraud Detection

we present current research using Medicare data to detect fraud, focusing on data processing and integration, and assess any gaps in the provided data-related details. We then present discussions on important details to look for when processing and merging different Medicare datasets indicating opportunities for future work.

Telemedicine service

Our techniques allow real-time data accessibility with proper authentication. The idea is based on cloud-computing and real-time streaming of videos. The information is made available on the WEB in a suitable format, from where it can be accessed by authorized medical staff.

Secure Logging As a Service—Delegating Log Management to the Cloud

Securely maintaining log records over extended periods of time is very important to the proper functioning of any organization. The integrity of the log files and that of the logging process.


We deliver high-performance IT services & technology consulting services that help businesses solve critical challenges. With our partner-centric business approach, We empower our partners to improve their impression essentially and helping them to increase their profits by going into new and energizing technology domains.

Technology Partnership

The partnerships we build with clients are signified to leverage mutual best practices to support client operations with greater flexibility.


This is the phase where we get into the several stages of development, testing, and deployment of infrastructure that has been live tested by clients.


We keep on looking for ways to improve deliverables by making necessary changes. Change is not just what we address, but something we practice.


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