Enterprise App Testing

With a comprehensive user base using different modules in real-time, it is crucial to understand the performance, user acceptance, and security of such enterprise web/mobile apps apart from functionality.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is widely used for increasing software quality. Functional testing analysis process includes various testing actions that measure the code of each component to assure quality.

Performance Testing

Techmango performance testing team will help you to find out the bottlenecks of software impacting the quality and nature so that your web/mobile application can withstand heavy loads.

Responsive Testing

One of the most important processes of testing is responsive testing. With responsive web design, more-and-more users can enjoy optimal viewing experiences across a wide array of gadgets. In responsive testing services, we tested the responsiveness of any web/mobile application.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Technology improvements and niche platforms in web and mobile space have made a nightmare for software or app development teams. our testing team experts check the desired performance of the web/mobile application on each platform.

Web/Mobile App Testing

The main difficulty with the web application is that it should be compatible with all browsers and operating systems (OS). Mobile app testing service is performed to maintain the performance of the app across different gadgets.


Account Management System (AMS)

Ratecentric’s Account Management System is the product for group insurance billing and administration experience. Our platform offers carriers and distribution channels an affordable back office solution. AMS creates a single invoice incorporating multiple group plans.

GSD (General Sewing Data)

GSD provides a scientific, ethical and auditable approach to quantifying manufacturing methods, time and costs accurately. It consistently establishes International Standard Time for complete products (Styles), or individual product components (features). GSD provides the ability to establish and quantify each step or operation in the manufacturing process.

Maserati Safety Management

MSMeCOR is a software application which provides the data analytics to the users based on the audits held on the construction company. It provides the data in various types on widgets in the user dashboard. The user can filter the audit types, based on the filter condition data will be populated in all other widgets. This will give the users detailed information on the audits conducted in the construction company.


We deliver high-performance IT services & technology consulting services that help businesses solve critical challenges. With our partner-centric business approach, We empower our partners to improve their impression essentially and helping them to increase their profits by going into new and energizing technology domains.


Pay only for testing as you would pay for any other service. Not for ongoing staffing costs and project delays.


Accommodating our methodology to reflect a project change and ensuring the testing is never road-blocked.


Our software testers have the experience, delegation, and practice from hundreds of applications they tested


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