Oracle Fusion Middleware

Techmango’s Oracle Fusion Middleware services provide a consecutive head start for companies requiring to gain ambitious advantage through SOA, BPM, WebCenter and IdM

Sharepoint Integration

Each enterprise software ecosystem is different, so there are no two similar SharePoint integration projects. Techmango's SharePoint team of experts gives their effort into incorporating the most comprehensive set of integration options that can fit the business's particular demands.

SAP Integration

Are you an SAP ERP Business owner? quick, cost-effective integration is now possible. Yes, Techmango provides integration on-time and within your budget, Our experts automate data flows and share the updates in real-time.

Salesforce Integration

Techmango's experienced salesforce integration consultants help you to integrate salesforce with other complicated systems seamlessly. We can develop custom integration modules and tune the integrated apps. Finally, you will get a cost-effective integration.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Integration

Techmango helps you to Improve your customer reliability and satisfaction with Microsoft dynamics and e-commerce integration. Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be completely integrated by a non-technical team rapidly and efficiently.


Techmango leverages Google Cloud to transform enterprise software solutions, developing an agile and adaptive set of tools that extend the complete cloud lifecycle.

Our Latest Enterprise Integration Services


Webex Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration application that features video meetings, messaging, file sharing and whiteboarding. The software offers a persistent virtual meeting room for in-office and remote teams to collaborate. Technologies Used: ReactJS, Ruby on rails

ERP Application

Tracked Business Transactions, Multi-Level Entity Engagement, Smart Stock Ordering & Management, Controlled Finished Goods Fabrication, Mapped Marketing Activities, Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting, Security management. Technology used: .Net, MVC, SQL


Delivery Order Management System which automates delivery routes optimization and Resource capacity to reduce this cost. The system has Real-time tracking with its smart mobile apps and web-based planning and optimization tool. The system provided real-time visibility into the delivery operations, along with much-needed reporting capabilities and allows to fill the feedback. Offline survey option has been provided.


We deliver high-performance IT services & technology consulting services that help businesses solve critical challenges. With our partner-centric business approach, We empower our partners to improve their impression essentially and helping them to increase their profits by going into new and energizing technology domains.


You can watch your application development. You can learn where every development hour went and what features were added or being added. We will keep you updated.

Delivery and Deadlines

We never compromise on two things which are quality and deadline. So our goal is to deliver a completed product on time with excellent quality.


Fix the service level, add adaptability, and develop a sustainable supply chain with perfect mobility solutions.


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