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Companies that can extract valuable insights from their data have a significant competitive advantage


    We offer data engineering services that are
    comprehensive to our clients. We want them to fully understand
    the challenges that they face with regard to their data.

    Techmango is an established Data Engineering consulting firm. We assist businesses everywhere in the world in getting the most out of the data they process daily. First, our data engineering team conducts workshops and discovery conversations with possible end users. The technical departments then provide us with all the information we want.

    Research & Solution
    Design & Strategy
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    Outcome driven services with an end-to-end approach

    We collaborate closely with the customer teams to comprehend business objectives and provide guidance on the new cloud. We provide information on data engineering technologies available on the market and contrast and evaluate the many design possibilities to help you choose the best architecture and technology for your needs.

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    Depth of knowledge above breadth of resources

    With years of practical experience integrating proprietary and open source technologies like Databricks, Snowflake, Talend, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Scala, and Spark, Techmango has assembled a team of highly specialised professionals. We put a lot of emphasis on the “depth” approach across all dimensions, including price and quality.

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    Process-driven and automated approach

    Long-term stability and CI/CD best practices are incorporated into the design of the Build-and-Deploy process to assist minimize problems with late, missing, or inaccurate data. Our automated data quality system gives proactive warnings for circumstances that are likely to result in problems.

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    Overall Projects
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    Domain Experts

    We offer a wide range of services and provide realtime data Solutions

    Data engineering also plays a crucial role in ensuring data security and compliance. With data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, companies must ensure that their data is stored, processed, and analyzed in compliance with these regulations.


    Modern Data Pipelines

    Creating, implementing, and maintaining production-quality end-to-end automated data pipelines.


    The data engineering consulting team at Techmango has significant expertise in setting up automated data pipelines both locally and remotely.


    Data Preparation & ETL/ELT

    ETL/ELT (extract, transform (load), load (transform)) and data preparation and processing aid in the processing, transformation, and loading of data into the necessary data model for business reporting and advanced analytics. Such pipelines have been created by our data engineering team for a variety of business areas, including finance, sales, supply chain, and others.


    Data Lake Implementation

    The most effective and innovative solution for economical data storage and speedy processing is a data lake. Your company’s adoption of data lakes might help you grow your corporate data architecture. Customer data platforms, IoT data reporting, product traceability, and other client business difficulties have all been addressed by Techmango using data lake solutions.

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    Our data engineering services include data ingestion, data transformation, data modeling, data warehousing, and data visualization. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure that your data is accurate, reliable, and easily accessible.

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      Analytics and Consulting services
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      Cognitive Analytics
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      Technology and Tool evaluation
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      Data Migration
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      Leading BI/Visualization tools
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      Data Cleansing

    Our Industry Expertise

    We enjoy honoring our accomplishments. They serve as a reminder of the positive impact we have on society and the joy our staff members have in working for one of the fastest-growing technology firms.

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      Logistics & Supply chain

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      Media & Entertainment

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      Real Estate

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      Finance / Insurance

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    Our Clients and Customers

    Awards & Recognition


    We enable customers to leverage data to track and drive key parameters impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, and efficiency to stay on top of the competition


    What People Say

    Stay Update with us from latest & successful projects case study

    The world of enthusiasts wants to know how can data analytics help them to stay ahead of competition with Automation, Artificial intelligence in place. We are pleased to share few of our successful implementations as a Case study.


    case study

    Pricing Strategy
    Business is directly impacted by fluctuating operating costs and it can be challenging to understand the impact of operating costs on profitability because expenses and revenues are often tracked in separate systems.


    case study

    Power BI Dashboards for IT Services
    Our customer is a large IT Services company. Objective is to resolve the Operational difficulties of project management users group in tracking and reporting operational metrics which are crucial in ensuring revenue.


    case study

    Visitor Analytics for Retail using IoT
    Solution is about analyzing demographic using the IoT sensor data from offline stores. Customers were looking for a scalable data platform that can be reused and extended for multiple customers and brands.

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    How big tech companies use data engineering ?

    The power of data is harnessed by several industry titans in e-commerce, retail, healthcare, etc to benefit their companies. You can attract potential clients with specific data, which will greatly boost business revenues.

    1. Amazon uses a lot of customer data to customize every contact.
    2. The data scientists at Nordstrom have created a system for tracking Wi-Fi-based consumer habits and behaviour.

    The business uses data to improve supply chain efficiency, pricing, promotion, and even to reduce fraud. The organization was able to analyse the client buying patterns thanks to the data it had collected, which led to the personalization of data and an overall improvement in customer care.

    Is Data Engineering necessary ?

    Data are all around us. Customer service, market research, and sales, naturally, are only a few of the uses for this resource. The need to create complex data systems for corporations is growing significantly.

    To organize your system and utilize the data to enhance the efficiency of your company, you should use data engineering consulting specialists.

    What data-related challenges are organizations facing today ?

    Organisations understand that the major obstacles to creating a single customer perspective are data quality, privacy risk and rules, and data gathering techniques.

    Data inaccuracy – According to 85% of organisations, bad contact information has a detrimental influence on workflow and productivity. When combining information from several sources, data quality is crucial for ensuring accurate and comprehensive information.

    Consumer privacy – Today’s consumer privacy legislation and preferences are constantly evolving. When gathering and managing data, utmost consideration should be given to consumer privacy and data security.

    Data collection – It is preferable to first identify the purpose for collecting and aggregating the data before constructing a single customer view. Once the goal is clear, this can guide and improve the strategy.

    Consumer privacy – Today’s consumer privacy legislation and preferences are constantly evolving. When gathering and managing data, utmost consideration should be given to consumer privacy and data security.

    Data collection – It is preferable to first identify the purpose for collecting and aggregating the data before constructing a single customer view. Once the goal is clear, this can guide and improve the strategy.

    What sets Techmango apart from other providers of data services ?

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    Techmango helps an organization in building highly effective analyst teams and minimizes the overall cost. Besides this, what sets us apart is :

    1. Highly standardized employee pool
    2. Reduced cycle time-to-reach goals
    3. Efficient implement strategies to build a rich data utlizing company.
    4. Delivering higher quality services
    5. Highly committed engagement team that ensures dedicated services.
    6. Removing the administrative burden & enabling organizations to focus on value-creating and strategic activities

    How much does it cost to hire a data engineering team ?

    This is an important decision aspect, and the price varies depending on your needs. To make a wise choice that best matches your organisation, you should request quotes from various Data Engineering companies and compare their costs and advantages. Keeping in mind that a DE services provider should speed up the hiring process and select the best candidates for your project.

    Techmango has a substantial resource pool for all job types, including entry-level positions, senior managers, and middle managers. As previously said, we have a staff of skilled and enthusiastic technical managers, and the tools we employ are technologically advanced.

    How Do Time and Materials Contracts Work ?

    The client and Techmango agree on the goal of the project and specify the finished product. Defining each step along the process might not be possible. They settle on hourly pay for the Techmango workers within that scope. Techmango also specifies the tools to be used, along with a markup rate for tools.

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