Cost to Hire a Software Developer in Countries like Australia, Canada, Netherlands

Are you trying to hire a software developer? Many organizations are looking into outsourcing their development needs, but the cost of doing so can vary widely depending on where in the world they look. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the varying costs associated with hiring software developers from Australia, Canada, and The Netherlands. We also explore other factors including average salaries, economic conditions, and job market competition that can affect how much companies have to pay for skilled coders. 

As a decision maker or CTO/CEO, it’s vital to know these facts before diving head first into your dev project. Read on for more informative insight about software developer hiring costs around these countries!

Software Development Industry in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands

The software development industry in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands all have a long-standing history of supporting innovation and technological advancement. These countries have invested heavily in research and development activities to ensure their software development industries remain competitive on a global scale.


Australia has been at the forefront of many advancements in the software development industry, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology. 

The country is home to numerous software companies, such as Canva, Atlassian, and BigCommerce, which continue to drive innovation in the field.


In Canada, the software development industry has grown exponentially over the past few years with a number of well-known tech companies such as Shopify and Hootsuite based in the country. 

Canada has also established itself as one of the most advanced software development countries in the world with its focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing.


The Netherlands is another country that has a strong presence in the software development industry. 

The country has created numerous initiatives to support innovation in technology such as the startup ecosystem StartupDelta and the Artificial Intelligence program AI XPRIZE. The Netherlands also focuses on cyber security, blockchain technology, and open source software to ensure their software industry remains competitive.

Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands have a strong presence in the software development industry with each country continually investing heavily in research and development activities to keep up with the constantly changing digital landscape. 

With their focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing, these countries are well-positioned to remain at the forefront of technological advancement in the years ahead.

Cost Comparison for Hiring a Software Developer for Each Country

Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands are three countries with a large pool of software developers. Depending on the project requirements, businesses can choose to hire a developer from any of these countries according to their budget.

When it comes to a cost comparison, the hourly rate for hiring a software developer in Australia ranges from USD $75-100/hour; in Canada USD $60-80/hour; and in Netherlands USD $50-70/hour. 

The cost of a software development project is an important factor to consider, as it determines the amount of resources businesses can allocate to the project.

For example, if companies are looking for a full-stack developer with experience in developing web and mobile applications, they can decide to hire a developer from Australia, Canada, or the Netherlands based on the cost. 

A full stack developer in Australia can charge anywhere from USD $75-100/hour; in Canada USD $60-80/hour; and in Netherlands USD $50-70/hour.

The cost of software development projects also depends on the complexity of the project. For instance, a complex project that requires extensive coding and advanced technology might be more expensive than an average software development project. 

Additionally, businesses should also consider the cost of maintenance in their calculations.

Overall, the cost comparison between hiring a software developer from Australia, Canada, or the Netherlands can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the technology used, and maintenance requirements. 

Companies should take all these factors into account before making a decision on which country to hire from. By taking into consideration the cost comparison between different countries, businesses can make an informed decision on their software development budget and allocate resources accordingly.

CountryAverage Annual Salary for Software Developers (USD)
Australia82,000 – 130,000
Canada60,000 – 110,000
Netherlands45,000 – 80,000

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers From Different Countries

Hiring remote developers from different countries can be a great way to access a wider talent pool, find cost-effective solutions, and increase productivity. 

– Cost savings. Remote developers offer an opportunity for organizations to save on costs, such as physical workspace and equipment, insurance and benefits, etc. Remote developers also eliminate the need for expensive relocation fees.

– Access to a global talent pool. Companies can access a much wider talent pool of developers from all over the world, allowing them to find the best person for their job.

– Flexibility. Remote teams can work on their own schedule, enabling more flexibility and increased productivity. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where there are time zone differences between team members or when working with clients in different countries.

– Increased collaboration and communication. Remote teams are often more communicative, which can lead to increased collaboration, better problem-solving, and improved team morale. This is especially important when working with remote developers from different countries, as language barriers can be reduced.

– Diversity of thought. Remote teams bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table, opening up the possibility of innovative and creative solutions.

Tips on How to Find the Right Software Developer for Your Needs

  • It’s important to be clear about what you want and expect from your software developer. 
  • Do some research beforehand, compile a list of questions to ask prospective developers, and determine the skill set they need to have in order to complete the project. 
  • Ask questions about their experience, technical expertise, past projects, communication style, availability, and cost structure.
  • It’s also important to consider the software development process, such as timelines and deadlines, testing and deployment strategies, and support options.
  • Be sure to ask potential developers what their approach is to problem-solving – finding out how they handle errors or complex challenges could give you an indication of how well they will be able to complete the project.


In conclusion, the software development industry grows steadily and provides great opportunities for businesses in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. Each of these countries has its own costs associated with hiring a software developer and other factors to consider when outsourcing development needs. 

Not only can businesses save money by outsourcing their development needs to remote workers from different countries but they can also leverage the diversity of global talent to add new and innovative approaches to their projects. 

For those looking for a reliable team, Techmango can provide the expertise to help you maximize your tech initiatives without breaking the budget. Reach out today to learn more about our professional services or connect with us through social media.

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